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How to Prepare Your Space for Commercial Painting Contractors

The process of painting a commercial space can be challenging. Most likely, you want your business to continue operating while the painters are at work. The question is, what can be done to keep disruptions to an absolute minimum?

Getting ready for a commercial painting contractor’s visit to your private business is the simple task. The task of painting your commercial space remains one of the most challenging, even if you use a professional painter.

Reviving the image of your company requires a lot of brainstorming and consideration of the following questions:

  • What colours should you paint your interior and exterior?
  • Should you get a gloss, flat, or satin finish?
  • What is your commercial painting budget?
  • Is your budget sufficient to hire a professional painter who can complete the job perfectly?
  • Is there anything your company needs to prepare before your professional painters arrive?

In addition to these questions, you will have many others running through your mind.

During commercial painting preparation, it is necessary to prepare the main surfaces, since rough, unprepared surfaces do not adhere well to paint. When paint does not adhere to the surface, it peels, bubbles, flakes, and cracks.

Commercial painting requires extensive surface preparation. Before applying the first coat of paint, it may take some time depending on the size of the building.

Attempting to complete the surface preparation process in a hurry will result in cracked paint. If this happens, you will have no choice but to restart the process from scratch.

9 Preparation Tips for Commercial Painting Contractors

By preparing your commercial space for professional painting, you can ensure that the entire project runs smoothly.

These 9 tips will help you get started:

1. Create a List

A checklist should be created that contains all the tasks to be performed as well as the area to be painted. It can be very helpful to note what you liked and disliked about the old paint job, as well as the project’s cost.

2. Hold One More Meeting With Your Professional Painters

You have been in contact with the painting contractors about your expectations for this project. Meet with your contractor one last time before the painter arrives to finalize all your project details.

To ensure a successful project, it is essential that everyone is on the same page regarding the entire scope, including the timeline, colour choice, and building components.

3. Determine the Colours You Want

You should discuss the colours you want for your commercial painting job with your contractor before the work begins. It is imperative that the colours you want are agreed upon before our commercial painters arrive to begin the work. The paint colours you want for your trim and other areas of your building will also be included in this list. 

4. Prepare Your Workers

A large commercial painting project will disrupt your daily operations in some way. For this reason, it is important to make sure your workers are aware of the time the painting contractors will spend in the building and the areas of the establishment that will be affected.

Painting may begin after normal business hours, though some workers might still be affected by painting at that time.

You should also inform your workers whether they need to move any personal items out of the painter’s way. Moving workers and their items to another part of the commercial space may be necessary to expedite the painting process. 

5. Move Delicate Items and Cover up the Floor

Commercial painters strive to make sure the customer’s items are not damaged during their work, but accidents can still happen.

Be sure to move any delicate items away from where the painters will be working to prevent accidents. Also, cover up the flooring to prevent dripping of paint onto your items.

6. Ensure Clear Access to the Areas They Will Paint

If you have a certain parking spot for them, you should let your painting contractors know ahead of time. Professional commercial painting crews are equipped with equipment that can be transported back and forth between work areas and their vehicles. A clear path will make your project easier, and it could speed up the process.

7. Perform Repairs Before the Painters Arrival

You might need to do some repair work before painting if some of the areas to be painted are damaged beyond what regular cleaning, hand sanding, and scrapping can handle. Third-party contractors may be the best choice in certain cases, such as large structural damage or decayed decorative fascia boards.

8. Get the Interior Ready

During the painting process, most furniture and equipment will be removed, but it is important for you to protect small and delicate objects like pictures, electronics, and glassware. You should also make sure that all windows are easy to open.  

9. Ensure the Exterior Is Ready

Preparing your environment for exterior painting will speed up the entire project. Checking outdoor electrical power outlets, trimming back landscaping, checking water spigots are in working order if they need power washing, and leaving a space for painters to store tools and supplies are some of the things you can do before professional painters arrive.

When We Paint Your Commercial Building, You Can Expect the Following:

With our commercial painting service, you are choosing a company that cares for you, your workers, and your customers. In all projects, we strive to deliver results within a reasonable amount of time.

As soon as you are satisfied with our quote and timeline, we set up a date and time for our meeting. Our dedicated professional painting crew will ensure the best service possible, arriving on time and completing the project as fast as they can, without sacrificing quality. To avoid disrupting your business operations, we can also begin your commercial painting project after business hours. Because we value your satisfaction, we work closely with you to create the best working environment possible.

Ready to get your commercial painting project started? Contact us to get a free consultation and quote today.