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6 Surrey Home Office Painting Ideas That Will Boost Your Productivity, According to Interior Designers

Surrey Home Office Painting Ideas

Working from home in Surrey? It’s time to make your home office a space where you can feel inspired and productive. One of the easiest ways to transform your office is by painting it with the right colors. Below are some fantastic home office painting ideas to elevate your space. 

1. Dark Colors for home office Impact

Dark colors in small spaces can create a dramatic effect. Using a deep, neutral paint like Inkwell from Sherwin-Williams can make a strong statement. Zandy Gammons from  Miretta Interiors suggests that dark tones add depth and make art and other details stand out. The contrast is much more noticeable than it would be with lighter walls. If you want your home office to have a focal point, consider going dark.

Dark Grey Home Office
Photo Credit: Home Companion

2. Green for Harmony in your home office

Green is a fantastic colour for home offices because it’s soothing and natural. Christina Kim loves using rich green tones like Rosemary by Sherwin-Williams. Green not only looks good but also feels relaxing, making it ideal for a workspace. It helps create a harmonious and comfortable environment for working from home.

Green Office
Photo Credit: Raquel Langworthy

3. Blue-Green for Calmness

Blue-green shades can help reduce anxiety and make your office feel peaceful. Linda Hayslett from  LH. Designs recommends Benjamin Moore’s Fort Pierce Green for office walls or even furniture. This colour is perfect for creating a calming atmosphere, which can be beneficial when you’re working on stressful tasks.

Blue Green Office Colours
Photo Credit: Pinterest

4. Icy Blue for Freshness

An icy blue can make your home office feel fresh and invigorating. Using a bright, light colour can open up the space, making it feel bigger and more cheerful. It’s a great option for adding a playful and inspiring touch to your workspace, encouraging creativity and confidence.

Icy Blue Design
Photo Credit: Life on Cedar Lane

5. Pink for Creativity

Pink is a good choice for those in creative fields. It adds a unique and lively touch to your office. However, avoid bright red, as it can cause stress and isn’t ideal for a small office. Pink provides a balance between energy and calm, making it a smart choice for a creative workspace.

6. Warm Gray-Beige for Focus

A warm gray-beige can help you stay focused. Sue Wadden from Sherwin-Williams recommends Fawn Brindle SW 7640, a comforting shade that can calm your mind and help you concentrate. This colour is perfect for keeping your thoughts organized and your tasks on track.

Ready to Revamp Your Home Office in 2024?

Elevating your home office in Surrey is easy with the right paint colours. Whether you prefer dark tones for impact, green for harmony, or icy blue for freshness, there’s a colour that can transform your workspace. Choose a colour that suits your style and needs, and watch your home office become a place where you feel inspired and productive every day.

Need help choosing the right paint for your Surrey home office? Contact us for expert advice and make your workspace the best it can be!